Plastic Part Feeding and Handling Solution

The plastic manufacturing industry has always been one of the premier clients of Vibratory Feeders Inc. (VFI). We provide practical solutions for the feeding and handling processes of mass produced plastic parts and components. Our expertise and various feeding and handling product solutions have made us the leading supplier of automated systems for plastic manufacturing companies.

Solution Driven Component Handling Systems

At VFI, we provide custom designed systems to meet the feeding and handling of small and medium sized plastic parts. Our feeders are capable of handling a variety of plastic components, such as:

  • Lids
  • Caps
  • Clips
  • Tubes
  • Bracket
  • Stoppers

Our feeders can also orient and feed different kinds of complicated shaped molded components.

VFI Product Offerings and Their Capabilities

At VFI, we suggest particular products that can help you enhance the overall productivity of your manufacturing systems. We recommend the following plastic products for production:

  • Bowl Feeders:

  • For the plastic industry, we recommend the use of our outside track bowls. They allow for high feeding rates, as well as multiple feeding lines. The bowls are constructed from 11 gauge 304 stainless steel. For custom feeders, we can also line the bowl with a special type of polyurethane coating to support feeding of plastic parts. The coating provides a smooth surface, leading to sound reduction, enhanced parts durability, and efficient parts orientation.

  • Drive Units:

  • Our plastic bowl feeders can run efficiently with the help of outside track bowl drive units. The drive units consist of two horizontal coils and mounted rim clamps. AC power is used to create 120 vibrations per second. Depending on the number of parts in the feeder, the vibrations can also be managed using control units.

  • Linear Power Tracks:

  • Our linear tracks are the perfect solution for feeding and conveyance processes. They are mounted on a solid base, which provides smooth feeding and accurate component movement from one process station to another. We can also attach sensors to the power track, thus providing a huge level of control to the engineer.

    VFI’s automated system solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency of parts movement, plastic component manufacturing, and reducing overall delivery time.