VFI Automation Machines

Vibratory Feeders, Inc. provides solutions that are on the cutting edge of automation technology. In a competitive ecosystem, industries need automation machines more than ever before. Industrial automation solutions such as vibratory feeder systems help companies stay lean and maintain a competitive edge.
VFI draws from its extensive experience in part feeding and handling to reduce dependence on manual labor. Our teams closely collaborate with you to take your concept from paper to a fully commissioned system.

Manual Labor Vs Automation Machines

VFI specializes in the manufacture of bowl feeders, vibratory bowls, and supply hoppers. Vibratory feeders significantly trim down costs and time associated with hand selecting/inspecting and feeding parts. Repetitive motion injuries to laborers further add to a company’s liabilities.

A vibratory feeder, on the other hand, is an automation machine that selects and orients parts with unprecedented accuracy. Our automation solutions customarily add value to labor-intensive operations such as assembly, inspection, printing, machining, and packaging. VFI’s expansive range of auxiliary equipment such as supply hoppers, gravity and power tracks, positioning devices, system controls, floor stands, tables, and sound enclosures give you a further competitive advantage.

Today, being a leading industry player is not just about reduced dependence on labor and improved profitability. It is also about getting 100% defect free products to your customers. Automation machines eliminate human error, drastically improving the quality of your end product.

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