How Supply Hoppers Increase the Efficiency of a Vibratory Bowl Feeder ?

Supply hoppers are integral components of a vibratory bowl feeding system. They are known for their ease of use, as they can be mounted either on the same plate as the bowl feeder, or on a separate floor pedestal.

The Benefits of Using a Supply Hopper with a Bowl Feeding System

The aforementioned information is not the only advantage of the hopper. The component helps increase the overall efficiency of the vibratory bowl feeder in a number of ways. Read on to know more.

  • Optimizes Part Circulation: The supply hopper is connected to the feeder controller. They help to control the number of parts that are fed into the bowl feeding system. This also helps to prevent double part feeding.
  • Sets up Easy Parts Feeding: Hoppers allow for easy feeding of parts into the bowl feeders. It is also designed to take on parts of various sizes and awkward shapes. The hopper ensures that no part gets stuck or interrupts the feeding process.
  • Increases Bowl Capacity: Supply hoppers are designed to increase the maximum capacity of the bowl feeder. They automatically refill the feeder bowl once the fill level is reduced to a particular level.
  • Enables Longer Running Time: The controlled feeding process due to the supply hopper means that the vibratory bowl feeder and the production line can work smoothly and efficiently. It also means that the automated production line can work for longer periods of time, thus completing more product manufacturing orders.
  • They Create Monetary Savings: The use of a supply hopper means that the manufacturer doesn’t have to spend any extra money on a second huge, bulky, and expensive bowl feeder.
  • Reduces Noise: Hoppers help to reduce noise in the factory, allowing any workers in the vicinity to complete their work in a quiet and peaceful environment.

All of these benefits prove that supply hoppers can be advantageous products for vibratory bowl feeders and component production lines.