Tips to Optimize Vibratory Bowl Feeder Efficiency

Vibratory bowl feeders enhance the speed, efficiency, and overall lead time of a manufacturing process. However, like any other system, even the bowl feeders need to be paid attention so they can support the manufacturing process properly. Here are a few tips to optimize vibratory bowl feeder efficiency.

Tips to Maintain Bowl Feeder Efficiency

These simple tips can help you to increase the bowl feeder system’s performance.

  • Maintain the Fill Level: The basic function of the bowl feeder is to orient parts to the production line. However, this is not possible when the fill level is low and very few parts remain in the bowl. It is important to maintain the appropriate fill level so that the bowl actually completes its function. Another important point is to ensure that the bowl is never overfilled or under filled. Either of these two can reduce the feeder efficiency level.
  • Make Use of a Storage Hopper: If your manufacturing process requires parts to be stored for a certain period of time before they are moved into the bowl feeder, a simple solution would be to install a storage hopper. This unit ensures that only the required number of parts are passed into the bowl feeder for orientation. It also helps to maintain the appropriate fill level in the feeder.
  • Get New Equipment Tested: Let’s say you are upgrading your system with a new hopper or bowl feeder. How do you ensure that the equipment you are purchasing is the right one for your process? One simple way is to get it tested. Vibratory bowl feeder and hopper manufacturers collect sample components from customers so that they can test the equipment. This can help confirm that the equipment you are purchasing is right for your manufacturing process. 

These are few simple tips that can help maintain the efficiency of your vibratory bowl feeding system. If you would like more information, you can log onto