How Automated Parts Handling Systems can Support SMEs ?

When we think of parts handling systems in industrial processes, the image of a large factory with a long production line usually comes to mind. However, automated parts handling systems can also be used by small and medium sized enterprises, and receive immense benefits from the same.

Why is Automation Important to SMEs?

SMEs suffer from many hindering constraints, such as lack of manpower, small plant area, and limited finances for equipment upgrades etc. Also, procuring large automated equipment cannot be possible due to space and money constraints. This is where low cost automated parts handling system can be of great use.

Low cost automated parts handling systems are an extremely cost-effective option to large, sophisticated machines. These machines are designed to use simple systems that may be a combination of mechanical components with electrical, or hydraulic devices. They are designed to improve the overall performance of the production line as well as product quality.

Advantages of Automated Parts Handling Systems for SMEs

Small scale industries can avail a number of benefits by choosing cost-effective parts handling systems.

  • Reduction in Manpower: While this is an obvious benefit, it certainly makes a big difference to SMEs. The use of an automated system will result in reducing the number of people who are performing tasks manually. This can result in reduced labor costs, increased savings, and higher productivity. Also, the remaining staff will not be overburdened with work, thus increasing the overall job satisfaction and employee productivity.
  • Customizable: After cost-effectiveness, perhaps the biggest advantage is that these systems can be customized not only in terms of size, but also in terms of design. The most appropriate devices or component can be added to the equipment to ensure a proper result. Examples of these can be cascade bowl feeders, supply hoppers, linear power tracks, outside/ inside track bowl feeders, etc.
  • Improved Performance: The use of components such as supply hoppers and vibratory feeders will result in quick and consistent feeding of parts onto the production line. This will result in smooth flow of production, consistent performance, and higher output.

The above points clearly show how automated parts handling systems can support and augment SMEs.