Factors to be Considered When Purchasing Vibratory Bowl Feeders for Bulk Material Handling Systems

When designing processes for manufacturing, construction, or other industries, it is important to pay close attention to you material handling systems. Vibratory bowl feeders play an important role in bulk material handling systems, hence should be chosen with care.

What are the Factors to be Considered When Purchasing Vibratory Bowl Feeders for Bulk Material Handling System?

The following key factors should be kept in mind when customizing or buying stock vibratory feeders:

  1. Material of Equipment The material of the vibratory bowl feeder should be compatible with the medium of the parts to be handled. For example, if the product that needs to be fed or handled is corrosive or abrasive in nature, the vibratory feeder needs to be constructed using a material that can withstand this action. The same goes for the process. If the process is extremely vigorous, and it is certain that the machine will be under duress, the material of the equipment needs to be chosen accordingly.
  2. Components and Construction The feeder system should be able to handle the rigors of the process. Here, we are discussing the construction of the machine and not just the material. The parts should be fabricated and assembled in a way that allows them to withstand the operation. For example, if the work entails the machine to work 24 hours a day, the components and the machine, as a whole should display adequate strength.
  3. Output Capacity The vibratory feeders should be able to function or provide output in accordance with the requirement of the industry and project. If the feeder underperforms, efficiency of the entire unit decreases. On the other hand, if the feeder has greater capabilities than it is being used for, the money spent in procuring and maintaining it is wasted. Thus, considering the output required, the machine with adequate output capacity should be chosen.
  4. Budget The feeder system should be chosen in a manner that is financially compatible with the budget. The performance and maintenance should be such that the buyer is able to break even. In terms of the budget, the initial costs as well as maintenance costs should be considered.

Attention paid to simple factors like those mentioned above can assist you in making a good purchase. For more clarity and other factors to consider, you can consult your vibratory feeders manufacturer or supplier.