What are benefits of Using Cascade Bowl Feeders ?

Vibratory bowl feeders are the most commonly used devices for feeding components in an industrial production line assembly. Vibratory feeders are used for feeding different parts of varied sizes, shapes, and orientation.

Cascade bowl feeders are used in production units for feeding easily oriented parts like screws,nails and dowels. Cascade bowl feeders are known for their quiet functioning and cost effectiveness when compared to other variety of feeders.

Cascade Bowl Feeder

Since there are no overlapping tracks for parts, these feeders are ideal for handling all kinds of materials. Besides, they offer improved functionality, as improperly oriented parts are rejected, which fall back into the lower track bowl. This process helps get rid of any kind of risks and errors in the assembly line units.

These days, cascade vibratory feeders that meet the required FDA guidelines, are available with several coatings/finishes for durable performance in corrosion prone industrial environments. As per specific requirements, polished and welded cascade bowls are also available. Additionally, most of these bowls come with apt holes and slots to remove all kinds of dirt and foreign matter. However, it is always advised to opt for vibratory feeders that include supply hoppers for improved functionality.

Cascade Bowl Feeder

Beneficial Features of Cascade Bowl Feeders

Below mentioned are the beneficial features of cascade bowl feeders that make them a better option compared to other variety of feeders such as the outside-track type:

  • They use gradual vibration or shaking method for mechanical orientation of parts as per the shape of the conveyor belt
  • They are useful for bulk feeding and orientation of different parts
  • They are suitable for non-symmetrical shapes as well.
  • They are controlled by a variable-amplitude control box that aids in adjusting the vibration of the feeder
  • The design includes an accumulation track that accommodates the parts to be fed  into the automated assembly line
  • The length, width, and depth of the vibratory feeder tracks can be customized as per the size/symmetry of the parts and type of application

Hence, whatever industry you are in, cascade bowl feeder is the right kind of automation machine that can increase your entire work performance and gain maximum productivity.