Use of Vibratory Feeders for the Medical/Pharmaceutical Industries

Whether you need to feed needles, caps, vials, or sanitized staples to medical/pharmaceutical assembly or packaging lines, then utilize the capabilities of vibratory feeder systems. With automatic servo control, adjustable vibration angles, and exceptional feed rates, these automation machines help streamline the production processes of medical products manufacturing sector.

Medical/Pharmaceutical Grade Vibratory Bowl Feeders Applications

Vibratory feeders are offered in several specifications and feed rates up to 1800 parts per minute. They provide the most efficient and economical method of feeding medical/pharmaceutical parts and products like:

• Syringes
• Cannulated screws
• Scalpels and surgical blades
• Blood collection tubes
• Plastic bottles

Beneficial Features

This automation machine is equipped with a variable speed control box, which is meant to control the vibration of the bowl feeder. Parts are fed at high rates, and they can be adjusted to match the yield rate of the assembly line.
Medical/pharmaceutical grade vibratory bowl feeder systems are engineered to meet specialized requirements, utilizing FDA approved components. Generally, medical/pharmaceutical part feeders are offered with the following features:

• Complete stainless steel construction with easy-to-clean parts. This superior construction makes them withstand heavy wash-downs using industrial cleaning solutions.
• A grounded and hand polished bowl, welds, and inside tracking to ensure smoothness and pit free design.
• Heavy duty construction using corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners and hardware.
• Filled and grounded all weld seams.
• Tab mounted bowls for easy removal.
• Stainless steel drive unit covers.
• Non-contact parts level sensor.

For applications in medical/pharmaceutical industries, vibratory feeders are available in a wide range of coating options. These include powder coating, and spray-on coatings and more.

Make a Right Selection!

Medical/pharmaceutical grade vibratory bowl feeders can be customized to incorporate several unique features to meet hygiene requirements of medical and pharmaceutical industries.
With many manufacturers, models, and customized designs, customers often find it difficult to choose right part feeder systems. Select bowl feeders with the right track length and width, according to the shape and size of components that need to be fed in the assembly/packaging lines.